Dr. Pat Fitzpatrick
Southeast Louisiana and Coastal Mississippi Ethanol-free Gas Stations

Ethanol is a blend of gasoline and ethyl alcohol, and while generally fine to use in newer cars, causes enormous problems for boaters. Ethyl alcohol is an excellent solvent and is hygroscopic, that is it absorbs moisture through the vent cap. Acting as a solvent, ethanol can damage the sealants used on older fiberglass fuel tanks. The dissolved sealants can be ingested by the engine which can cause damage. Ethanol has a cleaning effect on tanks that releases fine metallic particles which will pass through most fuel filters. The dissolved metals will clog fuel injector nozzles and carburetors. The corrosive nature of ethanol can affect fuel lines and other components, causing them to crack and fail. Many older boats will require replacement of all fuel hoses and possibly other system componentsEthanol added to a fuel tank contaminated with water will cause expensive repairs. Finally, the water in the tank will combine with the ethyl alcohol to produce a noncombustible layer of liquid in the tanks.

Thanks to the hard work of Alton Landry, a list of southeast Louisiana and coastal Mississippi gas stations which use no ethanol has been assembled. This list, partitioned by city, is shown below. A spreadsheet (in Excel format) containing this list is also available, and can be downloaded here.

Baton Rouge, LA

Adams Grocery & Deli Mart

12532 S Harrells Ferry Rd (I-12 Service Road)

Bay St. Louis, MS

Hwy 90 - 1/2 mile before Wal-Mart

Intersection of I-10 & Hwy 435

Central, LA

B.P. Station
Corner of Hooper and Sullivan Roads

D'Iberville, MS

I-10 and I-110

Grand Isle, LA

Bridgesidew Marina
2 pumps by land, 2 by water

Gulfport, MS

Flying J
Exit 32 off I-10


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